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October 16, 2017
Welcome to my world and my Web: This site is designed and maintained here at the Lake so any mistakes or problems are mine. The intent here is for fun and enjoyment and to see inside my head sometimes. My head is so full of memories it is difficult to sort the good and bad because there have been so many really good things happening in my world over the last 80 years. Soooooo, stay tuned, tune-in ever once in a while to visit If you want to chat, just click my name at the bottom of any of these pages. That takes you to an E-Mail for me. Life is really nice.

The images in the top left corner are "rotating" so with each page opened you will (should/had better) see a different image - If one doesn't open drop me a line and I'll fix it.


OF NOTE:Depending on your browsers my web site will display "things" a bit differently then maybe what the instructions say on any given page. This site displays nicely using Chrome but not so nice with Firefox and IE

I am one very happy lady

Annie- My shih-Tzu puppy - October '07 - There are several pictures here so just scroll down once you enlarge me.

Annie is now 4-July 2011.

Images from my last two Quilting Camps
Windemere Baptist Conference Center in Roach MO in March 2015
Sew Together Lake Retreat in Sunrise Beach in early May 2015.

Click the image below for a much larger view of these pretty ladies and their intricate creations. What the ladies create ain't your grandma's patch quilts. Money can't buy these. Time and energy to make is not measured in hours or days but something that is cherished when offered as a gift of the heart from the soul

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